As an international school, our half-day classes are taught in English. Children also learn to speak Mandarin. Kindergarten three-year-olds learn about the world around them, and how to communicate and get along with others in a group setting. With the four-year-olds, phonics, handwriting, and beginning math skills are included. The developmentally appropriate program is internationally based, focusing on developing social and emotional, language, cognitive, thinking, and physical skills preparing them well for the transition to the Elementary School’s program. The children are involved in age-appropriate service learning opportunities and Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs) are developed within the curriculum. Everything is taught from a Biblical worldview perspective.


The strength of our school is our staff. Each of the teachers is selected for their skills as an educator, their demonstrated understanding of children, and their commitment to the mission of ICS. There are up to 18 students in each of the half-day three-year-old and four-year-old classes. Each level also has teacher assistants in the classrooms and playroom, so the ratio is approximately 9:1. All teachers are required to possess a BA degree and are registered with “Qualified Kindergarten Teacher” status with the Hong Kong Education Bureau.


The Kindergarten Campus is on the ground floor of Kam Fung Court, Ma On Shan. The classrooms have lots of natural light and are equipped for active learning. There is an open air play area as well as an air-conditioned indoor multipurpose room to provide comfortable year-round play and space for PE.

Kindergarten Student/Parent Handbook

Kindergarten Student/Parent Handbook