3 Tips on Making the Most of the Summer Holidays for Your Children

3 Tips on Making the Most of the Summer Holidays for Your Children

We did it! Summer is here

13 minute read | June 9, 2021

We did it! With school days behind us, it’s time to rest, have fun, and plan for the next academic year. Though most of us are likely staying here in Hong Kong, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the summertime with your children! Here are three tips to help you and your children prepare and recharge over the holidays.

Tip 1: Ditch Your Phone! Unplug and be present for your loved ones

Zoom and screen fatigue is real! Stanford researchers examined the psychological consequences of spending hours in front of screens and identified that it increases our brain’s cognitive load. When you and your child unplug from electronic devices, you may feel more focused, calmer, and it is a more intentional way of spending your time. 

Here are some ways to reduce screen time:

  • Put your phone in airplane mode at a certain time every night
  • Set time limits on time-wasting apps on your phone
  • Put your phone or other devices down during mealtimes with friends and family 
  • Talk with your child about the importance of spending time away from screens
  • Schedule activities that do not involve screen time such as board games or physical activities 

Tip 2: A Time for Work and a Time for Fun

A good way to make the most of your time during the summer is to understand your priorities as well as your child’s. Set boundaries for productive and “unproductive” time. Talk to your children about how they want to spend their holidays, and set summer priorities together. Try asking your child these questions:

  • What do you want to achieve during this holiday? 
  • Have you allotted enough time for each of the facets in your life? 

When setting time boundaries with your child, remember that it will largely depend on your child’s personality and age. An elementary student’s schedule will look very different from the schedule of a high schooler. An example of a time boundary for your kid is “I will spend no more than 30 minutes on the phone today” or “I want to dedicate two hours every day to learn a new language”. Remember to include a balance of play as well as productive activities such as volunteering, learning new skills, or spending time with friends. 

Tip 3: Prepare for School Intentionally 

Start the new school year off with a bang! Summer will be gone in the blink of an eye, so be sure to prepare yourself and your child physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make a list of goals to achieve during the academic year - this could be academic, spiritual, or emotional goals
  • Adjust your sleep schedule: gradually go to bed earlier before school starts
  • Keep up to date with COVID rules and regulations, and any communications from your school

It was hard to keep up with so many schedule changes throughout the school year, but we finally made it through. We hope you will enjoy some downtime together with your children using the tips and tricks above and just have fun together Remember to drink lots of water and “seas” the day! 

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