Wednesday's Health Week Tips

Wednesday's Health Week Tips

More ways to cut sugar out of your life...

1 minute read | April 10, 2019

Elementary School:

During the week most classes will visit the library for an activity.  The students looked at various drinks sold in the vending machines and tried to guess how much sugar was in each.  We watched the following video.

  • As a family see how many different types of drinks you can find in your house
    • Examples: coffee, tea, milk, soda, juice, etc.
  • Together try to line up the drinks from those with the least amount of sugar to the most amount.  
  • Knowing that the daily recommended total of sugar in one day is 25 grams (6 teaspoons) TOTAL, should any of these drinks be eliminated?  Carefully monitored? Consumed more?

Secondary School:

Today for health week we watched this video in class.

Discuss the following question as a family: What drinks do we consume that have high amounts of sugar? Is it possible for us as a family to avoid sugary drinks and only drink water instead?

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