Thursday's Health Week Tips

Thursday's Health Week Tips

more info on sugar and its negative effects...

1 minute read | April 11, 2019

Elementary School:

Today for health week we did an activity comparing how much sugar was in different popular food items, such as granola bars, gatorade, and skittles. We discovered through this activity that some foods thought to be “healthy” are actually very high in sugar.

G2 -5 watched this Video

Please discuss this activity with your child and participate in the following activities at home:

  • Make a list of all of the foods that you remember eating today
  • Try to guess how much sugar is in each of those foods
  • How many foods do you recognize as being high in sugar?

Secondary School:

Today for health week we watched this video in class today

Discuss the following question as a family: Of the tips in the video, which ones could you adopt as a family?

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