It's Health Week at ICS!

It's Health Week at ICS!

Be sure to check back all week as we give you helpful, healthy tips and facts!

1 minute read | April 8, 2019

Elementary School:

This week we are having our annual health week with our focus this year being sugar. Throughout the week we will be watching informational videos and learning about how our bodies use sugar and what we should know about sugar and our health. Today your students watched this video in class. Please discuss this with them and try to do the following.

  • See if you can find 10 food or drink items in your house that have sugar in them
  • Are most of these foods / drinks natural (God made) or made by people (man made)? 

Secondary School:

During our health week this week your student will be participating in a variety of activities focused on sugar and the effects of sugar on our body. Today we watched this video.

 Go on a scavenger hunt around your kitchen with your child. See if you can find 10 foods in your home that contain sugar as an ingredient in the label. I think you will be surprised at the foods that contain added sugar.

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