Friday's Health Week Tips

Friday's Health Week Tips

10 minute read | April 12, 2019

Elementary School:

Today for health week we had a discussion reviewing all of the information we had been talking about all week. We then did an activity in class where students were asked to prepare a snack menu for an imaginary class party including healthy options.

Please discuss this activity with your child and participate in the following activity:

  • As a family, discuss what kinds of snacks will provide the right energy for you that you could bring to school each day.
  • Review what your child’s group decided was a healthy list of snacks and drinks for a class party.

Secondary School:

Today was MS Sports Day. Your child was asked to drink only water throughout the day and forego any sugary drinks. Discuss with your child how it felt and whether or not they felt they needed the sugary drinks throughout the day?

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