Domestic Helper's Open Day Highlights

Domestic Helper's Open Day Highlights

a visual recap of a very special day in the life of ICS along with a student's experience.

1 minute read | January 24, 2019

"This past Sunday, I had the privilege of exchanging greetings and smiles with the helpers, and I am extremely grateful to have been a part of the core team. This event is one that is close to my heart because of my past experiences. Since I was 6, I had a helper who was with us for 8 years. At the time I didn't realize the amount of work and effort that she had put in every day- except Sunday- to not only take care of me, but to also keep the house clean. Thus, I wasn't as appreciative and realized this when she left. At its core, I see Domestic Helper Day as an opportunity to serve those who tirelessly serve us. To anyone reading this: I encourage you to show your appreciation and thanks to the caretaker of the house. It is a selfless act that is often overlooked. To any caretakers reading this: Thank you, thank you, thank you."

-Rachel Jang, Grade 12


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