ICS Elementary School curriculum is multi-disciplinary and holistic. Curriculum is taught from a Biblical worldview perspective using quality instructional practices that integrate 21 century skills* and understandings that meet diverse student learning needs. Students develop skills and understandings in Bible, English Language Arts, Social Science, Science, and Math, from homeroom teachers. Physical Education, Mandarin, Visual Art, and Music are taught by subject specialists. ICS intentionally moderates elementary class sizes to ensure a favorable teacher to student ratios that allow teachers to know their students better, promoting differentiation for learning. Service learning and Expected School wide Learning Results (ESLRs) are addressed within the curriculum, equipping students to serve and transform their communities in developmentally appropriate ways.

*21st Century Skills: communication & collaboration / creative & critical thinking / problem solving, including the integration of technology.

Teachers & Staff

There is a great sense of warmth and family that resonates throughout the school from the moment one enters the doors of ICS. It is a quality that can only be achieved through the cooperation of supportive parents, dedicated teachers, amazing children, and the love of Jesus Christ. We welcome you to visit ICS and experience our distinctive Christian learning community firsthand.


Our school is located at the Shek Mun Campus in Shatin. 

Elementary Student/Parent Handbook

Elementary Student/Parent Handbook

Elementary Student/Parent Handbook

Elementary Student/Parent Handbook