Student Services Case Coordinator

Job Description

The job holder seeks to provide a safe, welcoming and affirming environment for at-risk students in resolving educational and personal challenges that may impede their academic progress. This is a specialized position which blends collaboration and consultation with school administrators, teachers, counselors, health care providers and parents both on and off campus, as well as other support resources with functions of non-clinical student consultation, program coordination of student referrals, reporting and maintenance of student cases, and leadership in addressing factors which contribute to student attrition and improve student success. This position will play a significant role in student well-being.

Key Responsibilities

1. Student Services

  • Implement in-depth case management and intervention services for students with multiple personal and life challenges. Support the needs of students and their families in distress. This includes but is not limited to mental issues, psychological distress, relationship violence, physical health issues, academic difficulty, eating disorders, and any other barriers that may impede a student’s success.
  • Analyze key metrics and student data to identify trends, process improvements and risk assessments. Drive positive outreach to coach students around managing challenges and successes. Maintain accurate and complete student records and student progress reports relate to students identified for special services.
  • Provide coaching and feedback to stakeholders in an effort to diagnose escalated student issues, analyze the progress and outcomes of interventions. Identify solutions and bring to satisfactory resolution with students.
  • Utilize student development and case management models to aid in the personal growth.
  • Provide conflict mediation and crisis de-escalation.
  • Provide one-to-one and small groups instruction if needed.
  • Assist in writing students’ Personal Improvement Plans (PIPs) and Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).
  • Coordinate with admissions assessment and College Board accommodation.
2. Collaboration and Communication

  • Promote positive working environment and facilitate open communication with stakeholders.
  • Provide guidance in regards to the TR referral process according to the RTI model.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local treatment providers, medical care providers, social welfare department as appropriate to supporting students.
3. Promotion

  • Promote a positive whole-school culture for students and a sense of belonging and positive relationships by demonstrating their effective understanding that support the educational outcomes of all students including those with identified learning support needs.
  • Coordinate in the development and implementation of policies and procedures in school wellness initiatives.
  • Develop and conduct child safety and relevant training programs, presentations, educational opportunities to faculty, staff and students.

Qualification & Experience

  • Minimum of Bachelor degree in Psychology, Counseling, Social Work or equivalent from an accredited university.
  • At least 8 years of student service-related experience, or combination of education and relevant experience in a school setting.
  • Solid experience in crisis intervention, student advocacy, referrals, on-and-off campus service coordination, problem solving, and help with students who are impacted by traumatic, disruptive, or disturbing life events.
  • Solid experience applying best practices and appropriate legal/procedural regulations related to addressing students of concern. Thorough understanding of child safety regulation and personal data protection regulation is a must.

Skill & Personality

  • Commitment to working with students with a genuine love. Passionate in nurturing students with patience, understanding and empathy. Have a positive and optimistic outlook and warm personality.
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate complex and fast-paced crisis situations with sensitivity.
  • Client service-oriented professional with outstanding written and oral communication skills to clearly and effectively communicate information to internal and external stakeholders, and all levels of management.
  • High level of interpersonal and public relations skill that demonstrate the ability to build a trust relationship, establish and maintain effective and harmonious work relations with faculty and staff, students, parents and general public.
  • Ability to relate well to others and perform duties with a high degree of integrity, confidentiality, and adherence to professional ethical standard. Able to demonstrate leadership, professionalism and exceptional work ethic and the ability to exercise discretion and ensure a high-level of confidentiality with diplomacy exercising excellent judgement.
  • Demonstrate respect and integrate cultural sensitivity when providing services.
  • Demonstrate success with planning and executing tasks with minimal guidance.
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to details.
  • Ability to manage students effectively. Able to stay calm in difficult situations.
  • High level of personal accountability.

To apply

This is an exciting opportunity which is challenging and full of learning opportunities. Interested parties please apply via our employment webpage at together with full resume.

We are committed to providing a child safe environment safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All applicants must be willing to undergo thorough background checks and child protection screening.

All personal data collected will be kept in strict confidence and would only be used for recruitment purpose.