Part-time Educational Assistant (Fine & Performing Arts Department)

Job Description

The job holder will provide classroom and logistic support to the classroom teacher, including classroom preparation, administrative support, chaperone duties and small group instruction, etc.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide general support for students in the classroom and/or educational environment.
    • Work alongside teachers in student instructional service in one-on-one or in small learning groups.
    • Assist students one-on-one with extra assistance.
    • Supervise the students at arrival, dismissal, recess, playroom, washroom, etc.
    • Keep classrooms, resources and storage area clean and organized, including setting out the learning materials, etc.
    • Supervise classroom independently when teacher is away.
    • Handle routine classroom administrative duties.
    • Ensure safety of the students.
    • Assist in school musical events and prepare students for the musical events.
    • Coordinate in simple fixing of musical instrument if needed.
    • Assist in organizing and displaying student artwork for the art show.
  • Prepare and administer a variety of learning materials, equipment and supplies (e.g. worksheets, handouts, clay and clay tools, paint brushes and paint, copying, lamination, etc.).
  • Act as a cooperative team member in working with staff, community and parents. Maintain cooperative working relationship with appropriate confidentiality.

Qualification & Experience

  • Bachelor in Education along with classroom teaching experience would be ideal.
  • Holder of ABRSM Piano Level 8 proficiency or above or equivalent.
  • Good at sight-reading and able to accompany choirs.
  • High musical competence and knowledge of at least one of the string/band instrument is highly preferred.
  • Basic knowledge and understanding of the proper use of art tools and supplies.

Skill & Personality

  • Native or near native English speaking ability. 
  • Capable of providing strong classroom support.
  • Commitment to working with students.  Passionate in nurturing students with patient care, understanding and empathy.  Have a positive and optimistic outlook and warm personality.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to build a trust relationship with students and parents.
  • Ability to manage students effectively.  Able to stay calm in difficult situations.
  • Ability to lift somewhat heavy art portfolios and boxes of supplies.

Work Arrangement

  • Working hours: 7:30am to 12:30pm in every school day.
  • Typically, there are at least 10 musical events each academic year and there are generally held in the evenings for 1-2 hours.

To Apply

This is an exciting opportunity which is challenging and full of learning opportunities.  Interested parties please apply via our employment webpage at together with full resume.


We are committed to providing a child safe environment safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.  All applicants must be willing to undergo thorough background checks and child protection screening.


All personal data collected will be kept in strict confidence and would only be used for recruitment purpose.