IT Manager

Job Description

The job holder is responsible to provide leadership and assume management responsibility for the direction, coordination, integration and implementation of technology across the School.  This is a hands-on position with responsibilities that range from strategic planning of system-wide technology solutions, to providing small group training and support.  S/he has to ensure technical collaboration, successful provision of technology solutions in an effective and efficient way to adapt to changing circumstances and to meet the needs of the School.

Key Responsibilities

1.   IT Management & Operation

(a)  General

  • Direct daily operations of the IT functions.  Analyze workflow, establish priorities and develop standards of support to ensure all functions are performed to comply with the School’s policy. 
  • Ensure continuity of IT services.  Manage and optimize technology equipment and systems (e.g. database, hardware, software, systems, network, storage, specialized applications and tools, telecommunication systems, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring that they are functioning properly and effectively in support of administrative and educational operations.
  • Analyze alternative solutions and recommend new approaches to support operational and educational technology initiatives (e.g. new systems, educational programs, hardware).  Maintain knowledge of latest technology, equipment, and terms of service agreements to provide expert advice and meet established service levels.
  • Lead an environment in which high quality services are delivered to faculty and staff, students, parents and other stakeholders of the School.
  • Own workload and keep others informed, highlight potential problems and risks and suggest solutions to ensure continuity of service delivery.
  • Provide infrastructure planning and execution.


(b) Project Management

  • Take responsibility for the definition, documentation, satisfactory completion and evaluation of IT projects.  Identify, assess and manage risks to the success of the projects. 
  • Supervise all IT projects related to selection, acquisition, development and installation of major IT systems.
  • Ensure the realistic projects and quality plans are prepared and maintained and provide regular and accurate reports to stakeholders as appropriate.


(c)  Application Administration

  • Supervise school-wide applications, system architecture, standards and protocols for data exchange, communications, software and interconnection of network information systems.
  • Facilitate and supervise system recovery plans in the event of system failure, power failure, etc. 


(d) Professional Learning Delivery

  • Communicate the IT plans, policies, technology trends throughout the School.
  • Develop and deliver a comprehensive user-training programs.
  • Develop appropriate user guides, training materials, documentation and online help facilities.

2.   Budgeting & Procurement

  • Develop, manage and monitor the School-wide IT budget and expenditures to ensure most effective and efficient use of available resources.
  • Coordinate all hardware and software acquisitions and maintenance contracts with appropriate stakeholders.
  • Provide advice on evaluation, selection, implementation and maintenance of IT systems, ensuring appropriate resource allocation in strategic and operational ways. 
  • Maintain effective vendor relationship.

3.   Policy Development & Risk Management

  • Develop IT policies, procedures and standards to ensure the protection of the assets and operational continuity of the School; and compliance with relevant requirements.
  • Develop and implement security guidelines that protect the electronic, physical and intellectual capital of the School.
  • Work closely with Curriculum & Instruction Office, gather and analyze changing requirements of users and develop effective and feasible ways to satisfy user requirements.
  • Coordinate security and risk management for information managed by, and on behalf of, the School.
  • Ensure appropriate action is taken to anticipate, investigate and resolve problems in systems and services.  Develop and maintain a logical, reliable and tested recovery plan and ensure incidents are handled according to the procedures with proper documentation.
  • Conduct security risk and vulnerability assessments for school applications and provide guidance on the application and operation of physical, procedural and technical security control.

4.   Collaboration & People Development

  • Line-manage all members of the team, to develop their skills individually and collaboratively.
  • Lead, manage and direct the team to support all aspects of the IT service, taking operational responsibility for the team, including where day-to-day management has been delegated.
  • Develop and nurture a collaborative, open, and innovative culture of learning through working with faculty and staff. 
  • Build bridges between supportive functions and stakeholders.
  • Responsible for the performance management, identifying cross-training needs and ongoing professional development, updating technical and operational knowledge of all staff within IT Office.
  • Provide supervision and spiritual support to subordinates in order to maintain good quality of performance and enrich team spirit for accomplishing the visions of the School.

Qualification & Experience

  • Degree holder in any IT-related disciplines, major in Educational Technology or equivalent is highly desirable.
  • Industry recognized certificate and license that enhance project management, security, serviceability, or understanding of products is preferred.
  • Minimum of 10 years IT-related experience, including 3-5 years at a supervisory level.  Experience with school setting or non-profit organization would be desirable.
  • Hands-on experience on programming, software development, infrastructure is essential. 
  • Extensive experience in Mac/Windows client and server and administrative systems.  Experience in data center would be an advantage.

Skill & Personality

  • Setting the highest standards of integrity and professional conduct.  Absolute discretion when dealing with confidential information.
  • Full working knowledge of all relevant statutory and industry-wide regulations to interpret and suitably apply to the School. 
  • In-depth knowledge of administrative procedures such as budgeting, quality assurance, risk management.
  • Sound problem solving skills and the ability to implement and manage change in a clear and logical manner.
  • Competent in PowerSchool and classroom technology is highly desirable.
  • Possess project management skills.
  • Understanding of full budget planning cycle and tender procedures.
  • Strong written and verbal communication.  Driven by genuine customer service ethos and able to inspire the same in others.  Able to interact effectively in a culturally diverse community of parents, students, faculty and staff and be able to communicate IT concepts to a range of audiences.
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines in high-paced work environment.
  • Good in organizational management with the ability to lead change and implement strategies effectively.  Action-oriented, flexible and innovative approach to operational management.  Proactive and energetic in looking for improvements to meet school needs.
  • Ability to organize work and solid supervision experience.  Able to inspire and motivate staff.

To apply

This is an exciting opportunity which is challenging and full of learning opportunities.  Interested parties please apply via our employment webpage at together with full resume.


We are committed to providing a child safe environment safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.  All applicants must be willing to undergo thorough background checks and child protection screening.

All personal data collected will be kept in strict confidence and would only be used for recruitment purpose.